Did you know that 40% of cats 10 years of age and older have some degree of kidney disease?

Cats age much faster than people do, which means major health changes can occur much earlier in their lives. Cats enter their senior years at around age 7 and may develop many of the same age-related issues seen in older people. As cats age, kidney disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and other diseases are more common. These diseases may go unnoticed in their early stages, therefore regular physical exams, blood work and urine testing is important. Preventive health care allows us to identify any changes early so that progression can be slowed or managed, resulting in a happier, healthier cat.
For the months of October and November, we are Celebrating Cats! We are offering a complete wellness package for a discounted price of $365.00 +tax ( a savings of $150.00).

Our package includes:

  • Complete Physical Exam
  • Blood Work including:
    • Complete blood cell count
    • Chemistry (to evaluate kidneys, liver, blood sugar etc)
    • Thyroid level
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine Protein/Creatinine Ratio
  • Voucher for a FREE Examination to be used within a calendar year (not to be combined with yearly vaccines)

Please feel free to contact the clinic if you have any questions about the package promotion or to book your cat’s appointment. If your cat is currently being treated for a previously diagnosed medical condition, talk to your veterinarian to see if the package is appropriate for them.