Someone to Watch Over Me—Anesthesia Safety for Pets

Pet owners are often nervous or reluctant about their furry companions going under anesthesia. As pet lovers ourselves, we can empathize with your concerns, but rest assured—Animal Hospital of Stoney Creek subscribes to the highest anesthesia and surgical safety standards. Let us show you how we care for your pet before, during, and after anesthesia. [...]

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Wise Whiskers, Warm Hearts—Senior Pet Wellness Testing

Your senior pet’s interests and behaviors have probably changed through the years. What once sparked a frenzy of tail wagging and leaping now barely merits a raised eyebrow. Similarly, your aging pet’s health needs have changed. While their early veterinary care at the Animal Hospital of Stoney Creek was devoted to disease and illness prevention, [...]

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Lyme Disease and Ticks—A Year-Round Pet Threat

Tick-borne Lyme disease was once a fair-weather foe, but has now become a year-round threat because of wildlife migration changes and the ever-warming climate. Learn how to protect your pet and yourself from this debilitating condition with this guide from the Animal Hospital of Stoney Creek. What is Lyme disease in pets? Lyme disease is [...]

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It’s Time for a Senior Cat Checkup!

Did you know that 40% of cats 10 years of age and older have some degree of kidney disease? Cats age much faster than people do, which means major health changes can occur much earlier in their lives. Cats enter their senior years at around age 7 and may develop many of the same age-related [...]

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