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Itching in Pets: Problems and Solutions

You collapse into bed, ready for a restful night’s sleep, and all you hear is slurp … slurp … jingle as your itchy pet licks their inflamed paws and shakes their head. It’s enough to drive you mad. While the incessant noises make you crazy, imagine how your itchy pet feels. Battling an itch and [...]

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Cognitive Dysfunction Tutorial for Pet Owners

Pets now are living longer because of advances in veterinary medicine and better preventive care. This is wonderful news, but as your pet ages, they may experience cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), a condition that affects their memory, awareness, responsiveness, and ability to learn. Our Animal Hospital of Stoney Creek team knows how much you love [...]

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Is My Pet at Risk for Heartworm Disease? Yes!

Southern Ontario is cited as a high-risk area for heartworm disease, and if your dog, cat, or ferret has a pulse, they are at risk for the potentially deadly parasite infection. Our Animal Hospital of Stoney Creek team has a concerted interest in your pet’s heart health, so we are providing information about heartworm disease [...]

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Scratching = Self-Care for Cats

To prevent your cat from shredding your upholstered furniture and drapes, you must provide them with adequate available scratching opportunities to help ensure they have a healthy and happy quality of life. When you understand scratching’s purposes and mental health benefits, you can focus on providing suitable places for this healthy and normal feline behavior. [...]

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Protect Your Pet From 3 Common Pet Toxins

As a responsible pet owner, you must ensure your furry pal’s safety and wellbeing. However, many pet owners are unfamiliar with the many common household items that can be toxic to their four-legged friends. Pets explore their environments with their mouths, which increases their toxin exposure risk. To learn to protect your furry pal from [...]

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What’s the BIG Deal About Pet Obesity?

Although joking about a dog’s “big boned” physique or a cat’s curvy silhouette can be funny, pet obesity is no laughing matter—nor a strictly aesthetic problem. Excess weight—only a few pounds—can make your pet more vulnerable to serious health issues and may ultimately shorten their life. Go beyond skin deep and discover the really big [...]

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To Chew or Gnaw-t? 5 Dangerous Chews for Dogs

“A good dog deserves a good bone.”  — Ben Jonson, English dramatist and poet While we appreciate the sentiment, we have a bone to pick with Mr. Jonson. Bones and hard chews are not only one of the most common causes for traumatic dental injury in dogs, but they also cause other potentially life-threatening conditions. [...]

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Brush Up on the Importance of Veterinary Dental Health

You care about your pet’s health and do everything you can to provide them with the care they need to live a long, happy life. Veterinary dental health’s importance is an often-overlooked pet wellbeing component. Dental disease is one of pets’ most common medical conditions, and your pet needs more than dental chews to keep [...]

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Veterinary Mental Health FAQs

Highly compassionate and empathetic individuals devote themselves to animal health care—an emotional and labor-intensive profession. Although these caring veterinary professionals—driven by lifelong dreams of becoming a voice for the voiceless—save pets’ lives, they are prone to developing burnout, compassion fatigue, and mental health problems. The pandemic’s challenges initiated a much-needed conversation around veterinary professionals’ mental [...]

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How to Assess Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

When most people hear the phrase quality of life, they think of how these words apply to human life. However, your aging pet’s quality of life (QOL) is equally important. Similar to humans, pets slow down and become more susceptible to health issues as they age, but your aging pet cannot voice their pain and [...]

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